You Can't Flush The Toilet After 10 p.m. | 12 crazy laws around the world

You Can't Flush The Toilet After 10 p.m. | 12 crazy laws around the world

Have you ever heard about crazy laws around the world? These laws are sometimes so weird that you cant help but wonder how they came about.

These strange laws around the world are typically created to protect the safety and well-being of citizens, promote public order, and maintain cultural traditions. Laws can also be enacted to regulate certain behaviors.

We've found 12 crazy laws around the world. Sometimes you may not believe they really exist. Make sure to keep in mind to follow these rules when you are traveling. otherwise, you have to go to jail or pay fines.

1. In Singapore, it is illegal to import or own chewing gum.

In 1992 Singapore government banned chewing gum usage to keep the cities clean and litter free... Chewing gum has been known to be discarded in public areas and stuck to surfaces, leading to an increase in cleaning costs. The ban on chewing gum also ties into the government's broader goal of creating an orderly and efficient society.

2. In Switzerland It's Illegal to Hike Naked

Hiking nude is illegal in Switzerland because it is disrupting and unpleasant to other people. It is against the law to do anything that is likely to cause disturbance or irritation to others. This includes nudity in public areas. Hence hiking nude is illegal in Switzerland.

3. In Thailand, it is illegal to leave your house without wearing underwear.

It is illegal to leave your house without wearing underwear as wearing revealing clothes in public is considered inappropriate and offensive. This law is in place to maintain public decency and respect for traditional Thai customs. But the problem is how they know if someone didn't wear underwear. That's such a strangest law.

4. In Venezuela, it is illegal to wear a mask in public.

Wearing masks in public was outlawed in 2017. The Venezuelan government said they made this law because criminals wear masks in public places to hide their identity.

5. In North Korea, it is illegal to watch foreign films.

The government prohibits the viewing of foreign films as they may contain concepts or messages that are undesirable for the citizens to see or hear. 

6. In Switzerland, it is illegal to flush the toilet after 10 pm.

Switzerland has implemented a law to minimize noise pollution and promote neighborly respect, particularly during nighttime hours. To avoid disturbing residents, the law aims to maintain acceptable noise levels in residential areas, even when performing simple tasks such as flushing a toilet, which can be quite noisy. 

7. In Saudi Arabia, it is illegal for women to drive.

In Saudi Arabia, the government has a history of limiting women's rights, including the ability to drive. Saudi nationals disagree on this issue since Saudi Arabia is the only nation in the world to forbid women from operating motor vehicles.

The government has never declared that the prohibition on female drivers would be lifted; it is based on a mix of cultural and religious customs.  

8. In Sri Lanka, No Selfies With Buddha

According to Buddhist tradition taking selfies with the Buddha is a disrespectful thing. It act is viewed as inappropriate and a desecration of the spiritual power of the Buddha.

9. In Australia, It's Illegal to Fly a Kite

This law was enacted because flying kites in unsuitable places can be dangerous. The kites can easily entangled in electrical lines, disrupting air traffic and also can harm other people. To avoid these things flying kites is allowed only in certain places with proper permission

10. In Russia, It's Illegal to Wear Lacy Underwear

Wearing lacy underwear in public places is prohibited in Russia because it can be inappropriate scenery to others. This law was enacted in 2013 with the intention of preserving "traditional values".

11. In China It's Illegal to Reincarnate Without having a Permission 

The Chinese government said reincarnation should be a privilege and should be controlled by the government. Especially the government believes that giving people the freedom to reincarnate could lead to chaos and instability. Actually, I have no idea if this is actually practical or not. Comment below with your opinion.

12. In Bolivia, married women can only have one glass of wine.

Due to cultural and religious norms, married women in Bolivia are only permitted to have one glass of wine since many people think it might cause immorality. Additionally, married women in Bolivia are no longer permitted to consume more than one glass of wine in public places.

Bottom Line

Ok, now you have an idea about what reasons behind these crazy laws. I'm sure some of them definitely surprised you. actually, Hope you gain some knowledge after reading this article. Please comment below on what you think about this article.

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