10 Minimalist Christmas Decoration Ideas

10 Minimalist Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas!!! The best season of the year. Everyone is excited to make cakes, prepare the Christmas tree, and light up candles. whoa, what a feeling it is.

Especially, housewives want to get a Christmas vibe by enhancing their homes with Christmas decorations. 

Minimalistic decorations are the best way to put your home to the jingle vibe. Yeah, I know that you're busy making cakes.

So I decided to collect the most essential and minimalistic deco list for you. You can easily order these 10 deco's on Amazon or Etsy so you don't need to move your feet out of the house.

All these items give you a wonderful Christmas vibe. You can definitely watch Home Alone with this Christmas cozy vibe.

Don't forget to make a hot chocolate while enjoying the vibe.

#1 Scented Candles.


Scented candles are the most essential thing in the Christmas season. Personally, I like Lavender and vanilla smells because it gives calming and soft feeling.

And especially the candle light gives a wonderful vibe to the environment. You can get one scented candle for under $20.

#2 Vintage Bells.


You can simply place these vintage bells on your front door. So your neighbors and visitors can see this when they come to your home.

#3 Mini Christmas Trees.


Adding another 2 or 3 mini Christmas trees in your living room can enhance the overall appearance. You can place these mini trees in front of your main tree.

#4 Paper House Village.


You can simply get paper houses on Amazon or Etsy for just around $20. Just a small ornament but with the lights this can give an aesthetic Christmas feeling. 

If you have extra time. Try to build a DIY paper house at your home.

#5 Christmas garlands.


This pic represents the kitchen with Christmas garlands. But you can use it anywhere you want. This garland is also beautiful with lights. 

#6 Christmas stockings.


Christmas Stockings are one of the iconic things in the Christmas. Personally, I like white stockings because they give a snow feeling.

#7 Christmas Balls Bowl.


This decoration only needs two things. Christmas balls and a bowl. You can use existing kitchen bowl and Christmas balls for this. No need to buy anything from a shop.

If you want to enhance the look, Just add small lights and green garland.  

#8 Tiered Tray Decor


This farmhouse style decor is best for place in an entryway. See it has a very eye-catching appearance. You can buy this on Etsy just for $25.

Yeah, this decor looks like worth more than 25 dollars. Just try out this one as well.

#9 Coffee Mugs.


There are plenty of designer mugs on Etsy. You can use this mugs as a decoration as well. 

#10 Christmas Terrarium Kit.


Christmas terrarium kits are the wonderful ornaments for Christmas. This small item can literally change the whole vibe inside the house.

Also, this one is a wonderful gift as well.

Bottom Line

Use these deco's to enhance your home for this Christmas. As I said earlier you don't need to go anywhere. You can just order all these items from Etsy or Amazon.

Finally, I want to wish you a happy Christmas and make your all wishes come true.

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